BEST BUDGET TUBE AMP SHOOTOUT!!! (Best low watt tube amps of 2019)

2019-05-17 5,692 317 379,694 YouTube

These are the best budget low watt tube amps I've found this year. Every amp on this list deserves to be here, and they all do what they do very well. There is no winner here, the winner depends on what you want out of a low watt tube amp. I want to thank SPEAKFRIENDS for sponsoring this video. Check out their high quality studio grade instrument cables here: *Prices mentioned in this video are subject to change without notice. Please check the links below for current pricing. Speakfriends Studio grade instrument cables (mogami clone for half the price): use coupon code RSJD2CX6 to save 10% Check out more information or purchase these amps here: Biyang Wangs VT-1H: Biyangs Wangs Mini 5: Monoprice Stage Right 5w: Joyo Atomic: Joyo Zombie: Orange Micro Terror: Mooer Little Monster AC: Mooer Little Monster BM: Blackstar HT-1R mkII combo: Blackstar HT-1RH mkII: Full disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate, and the links in this description are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, it doesn't cost you any more money, but I will earn a commission. Want a Guns and Guitars shirt? buy one here: Facebook: Instagram @gunsandguitarsofficial Support me on Patreon: