Brownface Fender Princeton and Silverface Champ "Double-Header"

2019-01-14 1,857 22 59,007 YouTube

In this video two amps will be inspected, repaired, and tested: a mint 1961 Brownface Fender Princeton and an equally nice Silverface Champ. Several different problems are encountered, including the all-too-common scorching hot bias of the Champ's 6V6 and a weak tremolo in the Princeton. Hopefully, the repair methods will be instructive. Working on old, classic amps like these always presents an ethical dilemma: do we preserve originality at the expense of safety, proper function, and reliability......or do safety and functionality justify the replacement of original components? I guess it all boils down to whether you want a pristine display piece......or an amplifier that functions like new, for a reasonably long time. Only the owner can decide. If you enjoy advertising-free videos like these featuring classic vintage tube amps, then please subscribe to our channel and consider becoming a Patreon patron at: or making a PayPal contribution to [email protected] Thanks !! If you are interested in obtaining a custom amp cover, please contact Joel Thomas: [email protected]