The 1965 Bandmaster from Hell......A Really Tough Repair Job

2018-08-30 2,224 28 83,637 YouTube

This video covers the lengthy and challenging repair of an otherwise very nice, original 1965 Fender Bandmaster. Due to all the difficulties encountered with this repair, it should serve as an excellent instructional video for novice and intermediate tube amp repair techs, as well as entertainment for all those who enjoy tragedies.....that end well :) After a comprehensive sound check, we will take a drone flight half way up a local mountain to visit the "A". If you enjoy advertising-free videos like this one, please subscribe and watch all 180 videos currently available on our channel. Also, please consider becoming a Patreon patron of this channel at: or making a PayPal contribution to: [email protected] After this repair job, I need the money for Valium :) Thanks for watching !!!