Output Transformers: A Discussion of Basic Principles

2014-01-16 3,453 32 206,496 YouTube

In this video I attempt the unenviable task of trying to explain the design and function of one the most significant, yet misunderstood, components in tube amplifiers: the Output Transformer. Topics include: Purpose of the OPT, Winding Ratios, Demonstration of a Method to Measure the Winding Ratio, Consequences of Using Incorrect-Impedance Speakers, Impedance vs Resistance, Impedance Reflection, and how to select the proper OPT for your amp. Be warned: some math is inevitable, but I try to provide sufficient explanation to (hopefully) make it all palatable. Think of this as a video buffet.....consume it all, or simply pick and choose that which appeals to you :) If you enjoy videos featuring classic vintage amps, jukeboxes, homemade electromechanical devices, and clear, basic technical presentations, then please subscribe to my channel. You will gain immediate access to over 85 videos, and (if you activate the service) you will be notified each time a new video is posted. Thanks for watching !!!