2018 Vintage Electronics Expo Kalamazoo MI tour Tube radios D-Lab

2018-07-14 418 17 24,337 YouTube

Spent the weekend at the 2018 Vintage electronics expo with Marcia and Emi (shortwave girl) Had a great time with friends. Met some new ones that subscribe to my channel. Of course the regulars were there, giving me a bad time. Always a good way to spend the weekend. Many nice antique radios, record players, test equipment and Ham gear. I picked up a few new pieces of gear. Some real nice ones for repair and presentations for you to see. This year the attendance way way down. Everyone was disappointed. Please check out the club and see if you can make it next year. Bring some young ones, so they can experience the hobby. The big Detroit event is coming up January. See: for more info.