1964 Fender Blonde Bandmaster: The Noisy Amp That Couldn't Be Fixed

2020-03-27 2,216 32 55,306 YouTube

This video documents the repair of a beautiful 1964 Fender Blonde Bandmaster that has been giving the owner continuous problems despite numerous professional repair attempts. This provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the use of an oscilloscope, as well as common sense, to track down the source of noise originating within an amp circuit. Also, we will see a simple but accurate way to adjust voltages within a pre-amp circuit. To break up the monotony, I have included several special features that will thrill and amaze. If you enjoy advertising-free videos like this one, please consider becoming a Patreon patron of our channel at: or making a PayPal contribution to: [email protected] We really appreciate your continued interest and support.